Special Exhibits

Special Exhibit of Contemporary Art

Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art Inspired by Traditional Greek Designs

at the Heritage Museum of Epirus in Astoria, NY


October 1– November 19, 2010



Inspirations from the Hellenic Past:

The Heritage of Epirus through Modern Eyes

Curator: Anna Konstantatos; Co-Curator: Leonora Retsas



Located in the heart of the Greek community of Queens, the Heritage Museum of Epirus is the only museum in New York City devoted to preserving Greek heritage.  Under the auspices of the Society of Epirotes Anagenesis, the museum specifically focuses on the culture and traditions of Epirus, a region located at the Northwest corner of Greece.  The museum’s objects were created decades and even centuries ago, thus reflecting traditional styles and a forgotten way of life.  However, even in today’s more global and technology-driven world, there is something timeless and universal about hand-made crafts that can inspire “modern” creations.


This exhibition features art inspired by the traditional Epirotan objects and designs displayed at the museum.  Pieces chosen for this exhibit represent how 19th– and early 20th-century Epirotan designs inspire—and are incorporated into—art created in the 21st-century.


The museum is on the 3rd floor of the Epirotan Cultural Center located at

2514 Broadway (between 29th St. & Crescent St.), Astoria, NY 11106,

just 3 blocks from the Broadway stop on the N and Q subway lines.

* Please note: there is no elevator *



Got questions?  Please contact epirusmuseum@gmail.com.

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